News #6, April 10th, 2016

Both QSLs for 4S7GWG and 4S7RTG will be printed this week and QSL traffic will start after April, 20th, first to our supporters. That’s just one month after the end of our expedition.
We have two QSL-managers for a faster service. To see the QSL design look under Gallery.
Thanks for using direct OQRS which helps to minimize the ham radio costs. Please for direct requests make sure, that your address at is fine.

The LotW upload of the complete log will follow in a few months.

This was a harmonic family expedition. Thanks to all our helpers and supporters and everyone we could work.

News #5,  March, 18th, 2016

This wonderful holiday style operation comes to his end today. More than 25.000 QSO’s were logged as 4S7GWG & 4S7RTG. The technical equipment was switched on all the time and worked without any problems. Solar conditions with K = 3-4 were not so good as expected.

All of our big group are happy about such a relaxed vacation with some ham radio. That all in a beautiful landscape with warm temperatures and  friendly people.

Back at home we will do the correction for the online logs and design two different QSL-cards. Not easy with thousands of nice pictures…

Thanks to all who made a QSO with us.

And where do we go next?..... See you on the next DXpedition....


News #4 - March, 7th, 2016 

The team is in a good shape and has installed all antennas until last Friday: 2 light weight Spiderbeams, one 30 m vertical , one 40 m vertical, a simple 80 m dipole at a palm tree and a 4 element for 6 m. We also tested a vertical dipole against spider beam and found the Spiderbeam simply better.

The Amal Villa south of Colombo is a very ham radio friendly QTH and has an excellent service. It is the perfect place for a relaxed holiday style operation. Temperatures are about 32 °C at high noon and in the night about 26°C. The Indian Ocean is 300 m away.
The owner of Villa Amal speaks German and English. He allows a station tent in the well-kept tropical garden. Around the swimming pool is place for several antennas. Band conditions are looking rather strange for us. Stations from Europe and Japan are often strong. But sometimes all bands are closed or show only weak signals. The QRN and noise level is high. Lowbands do not open well before midnight. Our 6-m-station is standby now. Please inform us if hearing the 4S7B beacon 50.009 MHz.
Log corrections will be done after the expedition.

News #3 - February, 1st, 2016

We will use the call signs 4S7GWG (QSL via DL2AWG) and 4S7RTG (QSL via DL7VEE).
For QSLing please use OQRS from ClubLog.
The team is grateful for the successful help from DK9PY and DL7DF and especially 4S7DF.

News #2 - January, 2nd, 2016

We are pleased to announce another DX-activity undertaken by well-known members of expeditions like V73D, 5W0M, T30D... This time it will be a more holiday-style operation with two call-signs and two stations operating CW, SSB and RTTY from 40 to 6 meters. The special feature of this activity is that we will have our XYLs with us. We will stay at the southwest coast of Sri Lanka from March 2nd to March 18th 2016. Because the licenses have to be picked up on our arrival in Colombo, we don`t know the call-signs yet. We don`t ask for sponsoring, but any help is appreciated.

News #1 - November, 23rd, 2015

....Team is completed... On the way to get the licenses....